Make 2017 Your Year to Look and Feel Your Best!

With the Prevention 2017 Calendar and Health Planner, you’ll get all the tools you need to drop the pounds, burn away your most stubborn trouble spots, stay motivated all year round, and feel healthier than ever before!

You’ll discover Prevention’s best weight loss tips, recipes, health advice, and more to help you lose the weight and look and feel your best. Plus, you’ll have plenty of space to record your daily activities, workouts, appointments, and birthdays so you stay organized and on track to make 2017 a year to remember.

Jumpstart your weight loss today! You’ll discover how to:

Flatten Your Belly in just 10 minutes a day!

Find which Fit-in-10 Program makes it easier to fit exercise into your day.

Transform your Health, Body and Mind.

Sneaking in a few minutes of walking a day can help you shed the pounds and alleviate stress.

Get Your Glow Back!

Discover a new science-backed solution that helps stave off a dulling complexion.

Clean Up Your Health.

Learn 20 easy behaviors that can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Discover which foods in the MIND diet can help lower your risk of Alzheimer's by 53%.

Fight Pain with Home Remedies.

Alleviate a surprising range of symptoms with natural ingredients.

Heal Your Whole Body with Yoga.

These easy moves are proven to help soothe chronic pain, relieve stress, moderate hypertension, and much more!

Redefine what it means
to get in shape!

Declare that success isn't measured by the size of your waistline, but by how much better you feel!

Prevention 2017 Calendar and Health Planner